With Coaching you will have a better understanding of your potential as communicator, what skills to develop and your real limitations (not the ones society and you set for yourself) - "We can't control the wind but we can adjust our sails" - Thomas S. Monson.  I won't tell you the answers, I will rather guide you and give you the tools to accelerate the process of achieving your Goals and Projects.

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I am a Trainer of Public Speaking.

I always use Non Formal Education Methods. When attending my Training and Workshops you will develop and train your communication and presentation skills. These skills play a huge influence in your social and professional interactions.

I have facilitated Training & Workshops in, Austria, Belgium, Cape Verde, Cyprus, Germany,  Greece, Hungary, Italy, Mozambique, Lithuania, Portugal, Spain and Sweden.



When I'm on stage, I have the ability to inspire and touch the heart of those sitting in the audience.

When communicating, regardless of the audience size, I try to transmit a new idea, a new habit or to raise awareness about certain topics.

Through my speeches I intend to inspire you to "Ask for what you want and need" and also to "Never Retreat in the battles life offers you".

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