In a digital shift that the world is facing right now, more and more, interactions are limited to virtual. Hence, boosting our employees' engagement is key. When our employees are engaged and connected, it brings the customer experience to the next level. And that’s exactly what the barefoot guy brings to the table… or stage. Lerio will share with you different ways of staying engaged using the power of asking.

In this keynote, Lerio shares tools on why, when, who and how to ask. He believes that being able to ask is not a personality trait, but a skill instead. A skill is acquired, developed… even mastered.  When we ask, we communicate. When we communicate, we engage.

His unique message - Just Ask! - is very temporaneous for the challenges we are currently addressing in terms of digital and interaction disruption. When asking for the things we want and need becomes easy, not only it grows our confidence, but also deepens our engagement. When we are engaged, it impacts the relationship with our clients.

Engage, Connect... Just Ask!

Seminar I

How to Boost Engagement Through the Power of Asking

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This seminar is all hands on on the power of asking. It deepens the areas tackled in the keynote "Engage, Connect... Just Ask!"

A unique opportunity to discuss, reflect, collaborate and experiment tools and strategies on why, when, who and how to ask. Also to understand what opportunities we are able to create when we ask. By dissecting the main layers of the power of asking, participants are undergoing an inclusive experience.

Engaging and connecting with one another are the two main objectives of this seminar. Participants will learn the "How To's" while experience both, engagement and connection, throughout the whole seminar.

At the end of this seminar your team members will have in their toolbox several "asking devices".

Your team is ready to engage when they're ready to ask. Just Ask!

Seminar II

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Communication is everywhere. Whether we acknowledge it or not. It's there.

Lerio believes public speaking is a mountain without a peak. Also a skill, not a personality trait. Hence regardless where you stand in the spectrum of communicating in public, you can always, always improve.

Use a storytelling structure to any presentation you have, being aware of what to improve, seeing public speaking as conversation with a friend are part of the outcomes participants will be able to do at the end of the seminar. But those are just the tip of the iceberg. What makes this seminar special, according to participants, it's the co-creation environment, the engagement throughout each session, and the vulnerability they experience when sharing their personal stories.

In times of a digitalization shift, where we're being hit with zoom/team fatigue constantly, this seminar comes as a breath of fresh air, proving that online and offline seminars can be entertaining and engaging... all of that while learning and interacting with one another.