#Just Ask! - Boosting Your Engagement Through the Power of Asking


In a digital shift that the world is facing right now, more and more, interactions are limited to virtual. Hence, it is key to boost your engagement. Our engagement.


In a fun, approachable and compelling way, Lerio will share stories, some of his own, some from others, tools and tactics on how to boost your engagement through the power of asking.


It takes courage and confidence to ask. Lerio believes that both are not personality traits, but skills instead. A skill is acquired, developed… even mastered.  Therefore Lerio invites you to see the act of asking as a skill too.


When we ask, we communicate. When we communicate, we engage and connect. #Just Ask!


At the end of the Keynote, Your Audience will be able to:

  • Have tools on how to engage with others - through the power of asking;
  • Be specific on what to ask, when, who and why;
  • Identify what stops them from engaging with others;
  • Silence their inner excuses that inhibit them from asking and engaging;
  • Boost their confidence/courage to engage;
  • Have an inclusive experience.

Seminar I

Boosting Your Engagement Through the Power of Asking

Cities I spoke for Website-15

This seminar is all hands on on the power of asking. It deepens the areas tackled in the keynote #Just Ask!


A moment to discuss, reflect, collaborate and experiment tools and strategies on why, when, who and how to ask. Also understand what engagement opportunities we are able to create when we ask. 


By dissecting the main layers of the power of asking, participants undergo an inclusive experience.


Engaging and connecting with one another are the two main objectives of this seminar. Participants will explore the "How To's" throughout the whole seminar.


At the end of this seminar your team members will have in their toolbox several "asking to engage” devices.


When you’re ready to ask, you’re ready to engage. Just Ask!

Seminar II

Cities I spoke for Website-14

In times of a digitalisation shift we're being hit with zoom/team fatigue constantly. Whether your ask is going to be virtual or in person, to deliver it in an engaging, entertaining and compelling manner is the ultimate goal. 

The act of asking is an act of communication. It takes courage and vulnerability to do so. We may know exactly what to ask, why to ask, when to ask and whom… but how we do it has a crucial role in the whole process.

Together, in an engaging co-creation atmosphere, we’ll explore and craft your ask. With storytelling your ask will be compelling and irresistible.


At the end of this seminar, you will be able to:

  • Engage their audience, while pitching, or asking, via online or in person;
  • Increase your pitch toolbox, for both on and offline;
  • Apply a storytelling structure to your ask;
  • Increase their confidence when asking.