First things first, how do you start your speech? How do you impact your audience? What should be your introduction?

The beginning is always about keeping your audience attention on you. The Human attention span is only 9 seconds and if you want to deliver a great speech you have to grab your audience attention from the beginning. Here are 3 examples of fantastic openings:

  1. Stories;
  2. Questions;
  3. Poses.

Let’s break these 3 examples down one by one.

  1. Stories

Why do we like movies, books or tv shows? Because they tell us stories. What about doing the same on a smaller scale? Capture your audience with a little story or joke that leads directly to your theme. You can and are encouraged to use body language and your voice to add to your story that will for sure keep your audience on the edge of their seats

     2.   Questions

A question is a very powerful tool if used correctly. To master the art of making questions,  knowing what you are looking for might be helpful. So, when starting you can try these types of questions:

  1. Rhetorical;
  2. Yes Or No;
  3. Show of Hands.

 This will get your audience hooked from the beginning

      3.   Pose

Strike a pose and hold it for some seconds. As it has been proven, body language is a great part of communication. By doing something different you will have the audience’s attention and they will perceive you as confident.

How are you going to capture your audience?

Kind regards,
Miguel & Lerio

P.S: Stay tuned for next Monday’s Video!

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