My Vision

My Vision is to Impact the biggest number of people I can.

Everyday I look for platforms that allow me to serve my purpose.

Crop Picture Lerio Left Hand

My Story

I was born and raised in Maputo, Mozambique. In 2010 I moved to Lisbon.


In 2017 Lerio quit a job for a verbal proposal. When it was time to sign the new contract, they told him they were still waiting for the other partners' approval and there was nothing they could do. He was jobless and did not know what to do. That's when he met his coach, Cristina. By the first session it was clear to him it was time to connect with his purpose: Impact People. This purpose is fulfilled through delivering Speeches.


For a long time he blamed himself for being naive and to have quit a job for a verbal proposal. After many internal conversations with himself, now Lerio realises that if it wasn't for that verbal proposal, he wouldn't be doing what he does now, Impact People. Back then, this proposal was on his regrets list. Today it is on the Blessings list.

Next Steps...

You know my Vision. And you know my Story. Now take a look on what I have to offer, and choose the Best for You!