Together, we won’t just have a meeting. We won’t just have an event.

We’ll have an experience. An engaging experience. An inclusive experience.


Have you ever thought you could boost your engagement through the power of asking?

That’s exactly what you and Lerio will tackle. New ways on how, when, why and whom to ask.

When you’re ready to ask, you’re ready to engage. You’re ready to connect


- "Lerio, why are you always bare feet?"

Curious to know the answer?


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Lerio comes from Mozambique. His passion for speaking and interacting with people started at an early age. In school, while all his colleagues hated group presentations, he actually loved them. He believes he learned more when preparing for presentations, than studying for the exams.

Courage, Humility and Friendship are his life compass. Lerio learned these values through his mother and martial arts.