What if waking up at 5am was easy? It’s not. At least for me. The truth is, it can actually get an easier thing to do. To start my day at this early hour, it is a goal I have for the last 5 years. Was I able to? No! Actually, I did. But not as a habit. I managed to do it for one month in a row in June of 2017 and another month in January 2018.

What failed in installing this habit I always wanted, was consistency. Yes, I was not consistent with it.

When Robin Sharma released his book “The 5am Club”, I saw it as a tool that would help me install this early morning. I read the book, and I can risk saying it is my favorite one so far (yes, I read all of his books). Reading the book alone, won’t automatically allow you to wake up at 5am. But certainly, it will give you a deeper understanding of how to do it. By reading it, I’m now aware of the science behind it. Plus, I got to know a little better on how the mind and body work when it comes to installing a new habit.

In this book, Robin takes you on a journey with 3 characters. Along the characters’ journey, you are bombarded with eye-opening and thought-provoking insights. While diving in this amazing journey, I had to pause many times, just to let the shared information sink in. It’s a book that you read not only with your eyes but also with your heart and soul. It is such a fulfilling book. The characters are presented with “The 20-20-20 Formula”. With this formula, I learned that all habits are better installed if they follow a routine. I will not dissect the formula here in this article. Want to know what this formula is all about? What about reading the book? Or watching the amazing interview Robin gave to the Impact Theory Show by Tom Bilyeu? (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i3_HQIUoM6E)?

But Lerio, why waking up so early? I get this question a lot. When I say a lot I mean: A LOOOOT! Because it is known that all great achievers start their day when most people are still dreaming. And I know that by waking up early, not only I will be able to produce more but it will also give me the rewarding feeling of accomplishment. Every time I wake up early, I have the feeling that I’m in charge, I feel in command. The opposite of just existing towards my own life. As Robin states dozens of times in the book: “Own Your Mornings, Elevate Your Life”.

To achieve a major goal, small incremental steps need to be taken. My major goal is to wake up at 5am and have it as a daily habit without being something difficult to do. As incremental steps, I defined that each day I will wake up one minute earlier until I finally reach the goal. Starting from tomorrow, I will wake up at 6:30. Next day 6:29.

That means I will reach the 5am goal in 90 days from now. Far away? Maybe. But we don’t need to see the whole staircase, just take the first step. And that’s what I will do. One step at a time. Or shall we say… one minute at the time.

If you are also thinking on owning your mornings like I am, my final thought to you is: find things to do that really excite you! Things that will create fireworks of dopamine when you do them. That will play a major difference when installing the habit of being an early riser. I mean, if you hate jogging, please do not plan to do it as the activity of your morning routine. That’s it, my friend. Oh wait, I was almost forgetting. The extra tip… leave your cellphone far from the bed. That way the snooze option is out your reach when the alarm goes off.

Kind regards, 

Lerio & Miguel

P.S: Stay tuned for next Monday’s Video!

Picture Source: https://www.booktopia.com.au/the-5am-club-robin-sharma/prod9780008312831.html

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