1. Full of workload (duties and tasks) and it has been extremely hard to manage all of it;
  2. Lots of free time and find yourself doing fewer things than when you had a busier agenda;

At this moment, most of us probably find ourselves in either one of them. Regardless of that, in both situations, we wish we were more productive. Personally speaking, I wish I could better manage my time. I think you probably wish the same as well. Probably the main reason that made you open this article.

Let me tell you that there is no such thing as time management. In Asia, Africa or America, each day has its 24 hours. When a minute passes in Australia, the same minute has passed in Canada or Sweden. What you can manage, is yourself. This is called Personal Management.

Sit down and  make a list of everything you will do in the next five days (including today). Things you must do. You want to do. And those you don’t want to, you don’t have to, but you’ll do it anyways. Tasks from work, meetings, appointments, meeting up with friends, social media, tv shows, walk the dog, etc. For each task, assess why is it important for you. What is your motivation to do it? What results will it bring? Ultimately, what will you learn from it? This will help you stay focus. And don’t forget: “Where focus goes, energy flows!” – Tony Robbins.

Now, try to do one task at the time. Even if it means that you will only do one task per day. Studies have shown (procurar uma fonte) that you are more productive this way, and end up doing more task than if you were multitasking.

Imagine you are in your bedroom, it is already dark outside and you just turned off the light for a few seconds.  Turn it on again. What do you see around you? Many things: books, pictures, computer, souvenirs, perfumes, shoes, etc. When the light goes on, you see them in a matter of seconds. Now, imagine you have a torch in your hand. Turn the lights off, after a few seconds, turn on your torch. How many things do you see?

You get my point now? When the light is off, and you turn it on, you don’t stay focused. You stay distracted. But, lights off, and torch on… your focus is as sharp as a blade.

Always remember, where focus goes, energy flows. Therefore, focus on one thing at the time. You rather have one thing done, than 5 halfway done at the end of the day.

This is what focus actually means. Directing your energy to one thing, and one thing only. Once that is accomplished, focus on to the next one.

When the lights are off, don’t switch it on. Turn your torch on instead.

Kind regards, 

Lerio & Miguel

P.S: Stay tuned for next Monday’s Quote!

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