Last week, Miguel and I, published an article that stressed what success is. We also demystified the notion of “overnight success” and we quoted: “Remember that success is a long journey. To get there you have to climb a mountain, there is always a mountain.”

When I started the entrepreneur path 2 years ago, I use to “place” success at the top of mountain. As most of the mountains I was climbing (some I still am) were big mountains, no way I was going to reach the top overnight. Nor overweeks, neither months. As I was not getting to the top of the mountains as fast as I thought I would, this led to frustration and self doubt.

On top of that instead of using my mother, family or friends as support, I saw them as pressure. Not only I wanted to prove them I could make it, but also I wanted to do it as fast as possible. And again, that only led to more and more frustration and anxiety.

Once, I shared with my coach that I was feeling stuck and wasn’t reaching the goals I envisioned when I first started the entrepreneurial path, and that was causing a lot of anxiety and frustration. That’s when she asked me if I knew the book “ 7 Habits of Highly Effective People” by Stephen Covey, and told me read the preface of it.

As I was reading the preface it was clear to me why she has suggested it. I understood that, if I want to experience change in something, there should be a change of paradigm. That helped me understand that, certain things happen in their own time. Also that “Time has its time”. Either we become aware of it, and respect it, or most likely it will lead to frustration.

At the time these were the voices inside my head: “how come you don’t have any clients?”, “why aren’t your workshops fully booked?”, “you are a failure!”

Only when I shared my project with my friends (and strangers), and their comments were something like this: “wow, you are doing this on your own? That’s very brave”, or “ I wish I could do the same, work on something I love”, or even “ you must be really proud of yourself, don’t you? Helping people by doing what you love”.

The truth is, I wasn’t. But hearing all those comments, made me realise I was not celebrating the small wins, the small steps in the mountain’s path. These comments made me distribute the success I was placing in the top of the mountain, distribute it along the way instead. The frustration dissipated, levels of anxiety lowered drastically and those were the changes I was seeking and needing.

All in all, what I want to share with you in today’s article, is that:

  • Time has its time! Let’s respect it;
  • Distribute success along the mountain (not only at the top) and celebrate every step along the way;

Kind regards,

Lerio &  Miguel

P.S: Stay tuned for next Monday’s Video!

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