Life Coaching

With Coaching you will have a better understanding of your potential, what skills to develop and your real limitations (not the ones society and you set for yourself) - "We can't control the wind but we can adjust our sails" - Thomas S. Monson.  I won't tell you the answers, I will rather guide you and give you the tools to accelerate the process of achieving your Goals and Projects.

With my Coaching sessions, you will find and use all the resources you already have within you. You will understand the importance and simplicity of the Power of Asking!

Asking for what you want will be easier than it was ever before. You are one click away to have a Coaching session with me. The first 50 people to reach me will have a free session.

Just Ask for it!

Training & Workshops

I am a Trainer of Public Speaking.

I always use Non Formal Education Methods. When attending my Training and Workshops you will develop and train your communication and presentation skills. These skills play a huge influence in your social and professional interactions.

I have facilitated Training & Workshops in, Austria, Belgium, Cape Verde, Cyprus, Germany,  Greece, Hungary, Italy, Mozambique, Lithuania, Portugal, Spain and Sweden.



When I'm on stage, I have the ability to inspire and touch the heart of those sitting in the audience.

When communicating, regardless of the audience size, I try to transmit a new idea, a new habit or to raise awareness about certain topics.

I have 2 main focus:

  1. Empower, Inspire or Motivate. Either, you will not "Retreat from your daily Battles" or you will easily ask for what you want and need;

2. Women Empowerment and Gender Equality.

Just Ask!