When you are done talking, what do you want your audience to think? What should be your final note? Your final words?

The end is about leaving your audience with something to remember. If you want to be remembered you have to leave your audience with something. Here are 3 examples of fantastic endings:

  1. Recap and Conclusion;
  2. Question;
  3. Going Full Circle (Closing with the Beginning).

Let’s break these 3 examples down one by one.

  1. Recap and Conclusion

Recap is used to remember your audience of what you went through together. This is especially important and used in longer and informational speeches.

      2.   Question

Thought provoking. Have your audience reflecting on the new idea you intended to share with them. A question can be used to evoke a call to action or just to leave your audience thinking. Take them out of their comfort zone, provoke their minds to think or act on your chosen topic.

       3.   Going Full Circle

This tactic is simple, yet very effective. Connecting the dots by uniting your intro with your closing will give a “well prepared” feeling to your audience.

By doing this, you not only get to give a little bonus to those who were paying attention but also are able of recapping of what you said during your speech.

Personally, my favorite is “Going Full Circle”. It is particularly useful in short presentations, where even though you have content you ground and show it on your stories.

Different types of presentations demand different types of conclusions. I defy you to try out each of these and then discover which one is your favorite style.

Kind regards, 

Miguel & Lerio

P.S: Stay tuned for next Monday’s Video!

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