Last article Lerio and I, wrote was about Time Management. Actually, we stated that there is no such thing as time management. We believe that the key factor relies on improving your personal management. When we are effective at it, we can definitely increase our productivity. And this can be a challenging thing to do. We know that this is a challenging task.

To help you with that we gathered 4 apps that can make your everyday life easier.

1. Usage Time – App Usage Manager

Usage Time is an App for Android that allows you to limit and control your phone usage. Like many other apps, this one is able to track total time, unlocks, notifications, etc… On top of that, it allows you to limit the time for a specific app or to time it with intervals.

I use it because it helps me to be more conscious about my time I’m on my smartphone.

2. Forest: Stay Focused

Forest is an amazing App. Through a “Forest” the creators gamified a simple timer. If you want to focus on something other than your phone you “plant a tree” that will grow for the amount of time you want (10 minutes to 2 hours). It is then planted in your digital garden. But, if you access your phone/PC mid-time of a task, you kill your tree.

3. Insight Timer – Meditation

Insight Timer is our go-to app for meditation and sleep. Meditation is a great way to be more present. The more present you are, the better you can manage your tasks. Unlike many other apps this one has more than 1400 meditations for free! Did I say for free? Yes, I did! It is available for beginners and masters of meditation.

4. Slack

Slack is a collaboration app. Either if you are have a big or small company you can have all of your work balanced with this app. This app allows you to save time when searching for any task or project, storing everything you need in one place.

Time is our most valuable asset. If you want to improve the way you manage your tasks, we encourage you to try the app that most fits you. Let us know about your experience with these apps or any other ones you are using.

Kind regards, 

Miguel & Lerio

P.S: Stay tuned for next Monday’s Video!

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