You have all the resources to Be and Do what you want and need. I will help You find the Skills and Awareness to reach your goals.

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I'm a Public Speaking Trainer.

After attending my training, participants reported to be an opportunity to gain more self-awareness, overcome their fears and bond with others.

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Those who have watched my speech more than once, always say "even though I knew the whole speech, it still gave me goosebumps - during and afterwards. Such an Inspiring speech."

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My Nutshell

My purpose in this human experience is to Impact People. I do it through my passions: Coaching, Trainings and Speeches.

Both my mother and martial arts Master, taught me that if I want something, I should ask for it, act on it. This is my mantra. This is the legacy I want to pass on. The Power of Asking:

Things I'm proud of:

  • Family & Friends;
  • 3rd Place in 2018 Western Europe Public Speaking Contest in Greece- Toastmasters;
  • 2017 Finalist of the Western Europe Public Speaking Contest in Switzerland - Toastmasters;
  • 2010 Vice-World Champion of the World Tang Soo Do Assoc.


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